Hands on Science

In Term 2, 3/4W had two sessions of Hands on Science. We explored different science activities and learnt about different states of matter including gases, liquids and solids. Some highlights include:

  • Touching balloons with gas, solids and liquids.
  • Doing experiments with liquids. We waved glycerin and purple crystals on top of flame.
  • We learnt what happens when you wave citric acid over a flame.
  • Touching the strange dough like object made out of hair conditioner, baby oil and corn flour.
  • Seeing which melted first out of chocolate and wax. What do you think melted first?
  • Seeing what happens when we leave water and mentholated spirits on a lid.
  • Putting yeast in different jars, all with different temperatures, then putting balloons over the jar and seeing what happened.

Have a look at our photos below.

Hands on Science on PhotoPeach

What do you know about solids, liquids and gases?

15 thoughts on “Hands on Science

    • Dear Amira,
      That’s great you learnt some important features of solids. Did you learn anything about liquids and gases?
      From Ms Wong

  1. Dear 3/4 W,
    I know that a solid can’t be squashed. A liquid fills the container it is poured into. A gas for eg. is oxygen.
    From Jessica

  2. Dear 3/4 W,
    I know solid can stay in its shape, a liquid can’t, a gas can’t too. Only a solid can stay in its shape.
    From Gillian

  3. Dear, 3/4 W
    I learnt that wax melts quicker then chocolate. When things melt it turns into a liquid.
    From Charlie

    • Dear Charlie,
      So what was wax before it melted? That’s great you learnt some things from Hands on Science.
      From Ms Wong 🙂

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