Orientation by 3/4W – Post by Dhriti, Georgie and Max

In 3/4W, we have been learning to write orientations for fairy tales. Here’s one of our class orientations. Try and guess what fairy tale this is from!

Once upon a time in a far, far away land before telephones were invented there was a dilapidated house with crumbling bricks, rusty pipes and sticks for a roof. Surrounding this humble house, there was a dark and gloomy forest where the grass never grew. There lived a happy maiden with her elderly father. They lived a happy life until her father had to marry another disturbed woman who had two hideous daughters who looked like a cross between a frog and a pig. After the father tragically fell ill and died, Ella’s life became miserable and putrid. The stepmother and stepsisters treated Ella like a dirty mop, someone who was worth less than nothing.

What else do you know about orientations? Please write us a orientation with who, where, why, when and a hook?

9 thoughts on “Orientation by 3/4W – Post by Dhriti, Georgie and Max

  1. Dear 3/4W
    I really liked writing the orientations because it was really fun. I think everyone did a wonderful job writing their orientations and I hope we do it again.
    From Lucas

    • Dear Lucas,
      I am glad that you enjoyed writing the orientations. I agree with you, I think everyone did a fantastic job! What did you write your orientation on and what did you think you did the best in?
      From Ms Wong

      • Dear Ms Wong
        I did my orientations on Jack and the beanstalk and Cinderella I think I did the best on introducing the characters.
        From Lucas

  2. Dear 3/4W and visitors,

    I know that orientations and persuasive pieces have a thing in common, which is whenever authors write a persuasive piece their main aim is to persuade someone to do some thing. In orientations authors also try to persuade people to read on they do this by including a strong and persuasive hook.

    From Dhriti

    • Dear Dhriti,
      Thank you for sharing other things you know about orientations. That’s great you recognised a pattern or a common theme! What did you write your orientation on ?
      From Ms Wong

  3. Dear 3/4W

    I enjoyed writing the orientations listening to other peoples orientations because they were very interesting.

    From Charlie

    • Dear Charlie,
      I am glad you enjoyed writing the orientations and listening to other people’s orientations. What did you find particularly interesting about the orientations?
      From Ms Wong

      • Dear Ms Wong

        I found that people’s hooks were most interesting because the hooks were the most interesting.

        From Charlie

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