Interesting Sentences By 3/4W! Post by – Dhriti and Georgie

For the past few weeks 3/4W students have been editing boring sentences to make them into interesting sentences. We learnt a lot of different ways to make our sentences interesting. We started off by brainstorming some interesting words, nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then we looked at a picture and decided which words are adjectives, nouns and verbs that are appropriate to the picture. Afterwards  we put them into sentences using conjunctions and interesting words to extend the sentence and make them much more exciting.

Here are some examples:

Pick a sentence someone wrote. What did you like about it and why? Can you please write us a boring sentence and turn it into an interesting sentence?

3 thoughts on “Interesting Sentences By 3/4W! Post by – Dhriti and Georgie

  1. Dear 3/4w,
    My boring sentence is a dog barked at a tree. My interesting sentence is the anxious dog barks at a tall tree, hoping that it would sprint away.
    From Georgie.

    • Dear Georgie,
      I think that is a really good sentence and it uses some great words like anxious and sprint, I think everyone should be using WOW words like those 🙂

      From Dhriti

  2. Dear 3/4 W,
    I liked Sarah’s sentence because I didn’t expect the lizard to bite the child.
    Boring sentence:The boy went to the park.
    Interesting sentence: The boy skipped merrily to the park.
    From Jess

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