Year 3/4 Maths Challenge – Post by Lucas

This term some year 3/4s did the maths challenge and it was a lot of fun! We had three weeks to do the problems and we got this little booklet where all the problems were. We could either work by ourselves or with a group up to 3 people. The problems included shapes, turning around 180 degrees, times table, drawing tables and lots more maths thing. We had to work it out in our maths book. When the 3/4s finished, we handed our maths book in and waited for the results. We had lots of fun.

Remember you can do anything if you put you mind into it [made by Lucas]

What is your favourite topic in maths and why? 

5 thoughts on “Year 3/4 Maths Challenge – Post by Lucas

  1. Dear 3/4W and visitors,
    My favourite topic in maths is fractions and decimals because I find it challenging and I like challenging things! 🙂

    From Dhriti

    • Dear Dhriti,
      My favourite maths topic is decimals and fractions too! I find it challenging because sometimes I find it hard to convert fractions into decimals.
      What do you find challenging?
      From Sarah

  2. Dear 34w ,
    I had a lot of fun at maths challenge and I have learnt a lot from maths challenge like decimals.
    from Sowmya

  3. Dear Lucas,
    It was so hard but we did well. Everyone tried there best and we all had fun. I hope everyone is happy with their results.
    From Max

  4. Dear Lucas,
    I am excited to do the flying fox and the Giant Swing. What are you looking forward to? I hope you have a good time!!!!!!!!
    From Max

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