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In the past term, 3-6 students from our school all competed in a running race known as Cross Country. We all went to the local park for this event and had to run twice around the oval.

The races were according to age groups and gender. From those races the top ten students would get to compete in the next level known as District where they would have to compete against other schools in our District. We all had a wonderful time and tried our best even though some of us didn’t make it.

Have you ever competed in a running race, if you have could you please tell us something about it ?

10 thoughts on “Cross Country – Post by Dhriti

  1. Dear 34w,

    I think that everyone did a good job because maybe you don’t think you did well but you actually did do well and at least you tried. And you were persistent. So you should keep that up!


    • Dear Evan

      I think the same because everyone ran the whole 3 (for the 3&4’s) & 4 laps ( for the 5&6’s).

      From Charlie

      • Dear Evan and Charlie,
        we agree too and think everyone says they did so bad but they actually did really well!
        From Ashton, James and Felix.

  2. Dear 3/4 W
    I enjoyed the cross country too. I also liked going to district and I cant wait to do it next year.
    From Tara

  3. Dear 3/4W and visitors,
    I was one of the people who got into District and I definitely agree that everyone did a really good job. We might not have any people who got into the level after District but if there was a “loudest cheering award” we probably would’ve got it.
    From Georgie 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Dear Georgie and vistors,
      I enjoyed doing cross country. Unfortunately, I didn’t get into district but I tried my best.
      From Alex

  4. Dear 3/4W

    Fantastic 3/4W that you still tried your best. It was great you didn’t give up at all. Don’t think you were bad. It’s not just for winning. It is for running practise.

    from Aditya

  5. Dear 3/4W,
    When I was in primary school, I enjoyed running but found it to be quite challenging. I remember when I used to do cross country, it was always around my school’s two big ovals. I was lucky that I had two big ovals to play in when I was in prep to year 6.
    From Ms Wong

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