Welcome to Terrific Term 3!

Welcome back to Term 3! I hope you all had a wonderful break. I went to Korea in the first week of the holidays and had a marvellous time.

There are some very exciting activities to look forward to this term including:

  • Our integrated unit “I Sea, I Care.”
  • Camp to Philip Island!
  • The school musical.
  • Maths measurement.
  • Writing (including writing comments and posts on the blog!)

What did you enjoy most about the holidays? What are you looking forward to this term?

28 thoughts on “Welcome to Terrific Term 3!

  1. Dear 3/4W and visitors,
    We are looking forward to CAMP!!!!! We are most excited about the penguin parade, we really hope everyone enjoys it.
    From Georgie and Dhriti

      • Dear Mrs Manicom,

        We agree and know everyone will have a great time ๐Ÿ™‚

        From Dhriti and Georgie

        • Dear Mrs Manicom, Dhriti and Georgie
          I agree. I think camp will be really fun and interesting. I think archery will be really interesting. What do think will be really interesting or exciting?
          From Amira

  2. Dear Ms Wong,
    Looks like you had a cool holiday exploring Korea. I think the 86 year old man must have done a lot of exercise if he could run up the mountain. Which part of Korea did you visit?
    From Tara

    • Dear Tara,
      Thank you for your comment. I had a great holiday exploring Korea. Yes, the 86 year old man is very fit! I explored Seoul in South Korea. What did you enjoy doing in your holiday?
      From Ms Wong

  3. Dear 3/4W and visitors,
    I am also looking forward to Athletics Day because I really enjoy doing sport and I haven’t participated in Athletics before. ๐Ÿ™‚
    From Dhriti

    • Dear Mrs Manicom,
      Thank you for writing in are blog and I think that camp will be AWESOME! Thank you

      From Eloise

  4. Dear Mrs Manicom,
    Thank you for your comment. We also agree that some great learning is happening in 3/4W and we thank you for your compliment.
    From 3/4W

  5. Dear 34W,
    I am looking forward to camp. Last year camp was AWESOME! I think camp this year will the best. People say Philip Island is the best!

    From Eloise

  6. Dear 34w,
    I had a wonderful holiday. I mostly enjoyed when I watched the Minions and Inside out. I am looking forward to camp in term 3.

    From Sowmya

  7. Dear 3/4W,
    On the holidays I enjoyed catching up with family and friends, and I tried a new food on the holidays. I can’t wait for camp, can you?

    From Jess

  8. Dear 3/4W
    l mostly enjoyed when l went to the zoo with my friends.l am looking forward to camp in term 3.

    From Gillian

    • Dear Angus
      It is so fun at the start there is a 800m race and a 200m and also a 100m and lastly there is the relay race and those are the races.
      There is high jump discus and you get a heavy ball and you need to roll it.
      Remember to bring your shorts to run.
      From Luka

  9. Dear 34W,
    this year in camp I want it to be the best where you do lots of different things, like the flying fox and way more =]

    • Dear Luka,
      I also agree that camp is going to be awesome but I can’t wait to eat the delicious food and sleep in cabins.
      From Angus

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