I sea I care!

This term our integrated unit is called “I sea I care” and it’s about marine life. We watched two videos about the Great Barrier reef and life in the deep ocean. Here are some questions we came up with after watching the videos:

How many sea creatures are in the ocean?
How many sharks are in the ocean?
Why do people catch creatures?
How can spiders live under water?

What would be different if people didn’t fish?
What would change if there were no fish in the ocean?
Why and how do some sea creatures glow in the dark?
If people can go to the moon, why can’t people go to the very bottom of the ocean?
Is it possible for people to make gear to go to the very bottom of the deep ocean
What would change if everyone knew everything about the ocean?
Why do whales only eat plankton? Shouldn’t they eat more than that?

What would happen if we didn’t have coral reefs? As a class, we explored this question and came up with these answers:
Fish wouldn’t have a place to hide or live so sharks/predators could easily get them.
The food chain would be affected. For example bigger fish eat the small fish. So if the small fish were no longer there, the bigger fish would die.

Can you answer any of these questions? Or can you think of another question?

15 thoughts on “I sea I care!

  1. Dear 34W ,
    I can answer the question “why can spiders live under water?” They can’t. Just some sea animals look like spiders .
    from Libby

  2. Dear 3/4W
    Felix: l like sea animals especially the megalodon shark but they are extinct.
    Lucas: I think I sea i care will be a fantastic integrated unit for me because i like sea animals like the bull shark.
    From Felix and Lucas

  3. Dear 34W,

    Can you answer my question? Do scientists know all the sea animals in the sea. If they did would there be any reason to go to the sea if we know all the sea animals? How are there so many animals?
    From Eloise

    • Dear Eloise,
      There would be some reason to go down to the ocean even when we know all the animals in the marine.People would want to see pictures of the animals or the scientists would get into trouble.And you couldn’t just imagine it (like they did with Pluto) because it is impossible to just look down into the ocean.
      From Ashton.

  4. Dear 3/4W
    l can only ask a question, my question is ”what kind of fish is the very first one that arrived on earth?”

    From Gillian

  5. Dear 3/4W,
    I have an answer for the question
    “If people can go to the moon, why can’t people go to the very bottom of the ocean?”
    It’s because of pressure in the ocean.Even though there is no oxygen on the moon, there is no water so it is easier to survive in the moon.
    From Ashton

  6. Dear 3/4W
    I LOVED learning about I sea I care. My question is, what would be different if there wasn’t any sharks in the ocean would it be better or even worse
    From Lucas

    • Hi Lucas,
      It would be worse if we did not have any sharks in the ocean because sharks help us eat the dead fish in the ocean and keep the ocean clean so it is not good to kill them.

      From Ashton

  7. Dear 34/W,
    I think people are catching too much fish and eating them! I THINK THAT WE SHOULD NOT CATCH TOO MUCH FISH! You would not want to eat all the fish in the world would you?
    From Sowmya

    • Dear Sowmya,
      Fishing for too many fish is called over fishing. You can also catch dolphins and sharks by accident. If you were fishing for fish and a dolphin is swimming by and it might get caught in the net. Poor dolphin. 🙁
      From Tara

      • Dear Tara,
        I agree that it is terrible that dolphins and sharks get caught in nets. What do you think we can do about it?
        From Jess

    • Dear Sowmya,
      I agree that it is terrible that we are loosing so many fish in our ocean. Do you have any ideas so that we don’t loose so many fish?
      From Jess

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