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In Music we have been learning how to play the drums,look at some interesting apps on the ipad and learn some new songs on the piano and on the guitar, but the best part is we’re going to play EVERY BODY DANCE NOW!!! 3/4W has put in alot  of  effort into that song and we wish to play to BPS one day. Just remember this “you can do anything if you put your minds into it” [made by Lucas]

Do you play an instrument? What do you like about it? What do you like about music?

11 thoughts on “Music- post by Lucas

  1. Dear Lucas,
    I play the guitar, I can play both acoustic and electric. One thing I really like about the guitar is that when you play chords you can decide the rhythm, for example I could play the B chord like this B BB B or like this B BBB etc.

    From Dhriti

  2. Dear Lucas,
    I use to play the violin but I stopped lasted yea. But now I want to play the trumpet. I think I will play next year.
    From Luka

  3. Dear 3/4W,
    When I was in primary school and high school, I played the piano and a bit of the violin. Now I am learning to play guitar. I really enjoy guitar because you can sing along with it and it has a beautiful sound. But it makes my fingers get calluses, which is a bit painful! I like playing the songs Hallelujah and Danny boy on the guitar.
    From Ms Wong

  4. Hi Lucas!
    To answer your questions: I can play the piano and flute, but I barely got a year to learn. I love the piano because it’s very classic instrument and I love the sound, I love the flute because I like the challenge of controlling my breathing to get different sounds. What I like about music is that it’s a universal language that everyone can relate to. Here is a link to my class’s blogs We had to comment on people’s blogs and ask them about food. Here’s my question to you, what is your favorite Australian food?
    Thank you,

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