Journey to our fun Philip Island camp

On Monday 17th August three 3/4 classes went to Philip Island for camp. It was a long journey but it was definitely worth it! We  had lots of different experiences such as going to the Penguin Parade, having a movie night, doing different adventure activities, eating a lot of food and many more!

Some things that we especially enjoyed were:

  • Going on the giant swing
  • Having cabin time which might include reading a book or having a rest or talking with friends
  • Having free choice and playing different games
  • Going on the flying fox
  • Doing archery
  • Making pancakes and eating them
  • Eating the delicious food
  • Going on the Nobbie’s board walk and seeing the waves crash and seeing some penguins

What did you like the most at camp and why? Have you ever visited Philip Island and if so, what did you enjoy there?