Journey to our fun Philip Island camp

On Monday 17th August three 3/4 classes went to Philip Island for camp. It was a long journey but it was definitely worth it! We  had lots of different experiences such as going to the Penguin Parade, having a movie night, doing different adventure activities, eating a lot of food and many more!

Some things that we especially enjoyed were:

  • Going on the giant swing
  • Having cabin time which might include reading a book or having a rest or talking with friends
  • Having free choice and playing different games
  • Going on the flying fox
  • Doing archery
  • Making pancakes and eating them
  • Eating the delicious food
  • Going on the Nobbie’s board walk and seeing the waves crash and seeing some penguins

What did you like the most at camp and why? Have you ever visited Philip Island and if so, what did you enjoy there?

16 thoughts on “Journey to our fun Philip Island camp

    • Dear Georgie,
      The Giant Swing was really fun but I didn’t go the full height.Did you go the full height? If you did what was it like?
      From Amira

  1. Dear 3/4W,
    We are going on camp in a few weeks. We are excited and also nervous, was camp fun? What was your favourite thing you did?
    We think we are doing archery too! And there is going to be delicious foods. Were the penguins cute? We love animals. We are going to Angahook and we will be on the beach a lot.

    From Peppa and Lily

    • Hi Peppa and Lily,
      I’m Lucas and thanks for commenting on our blog. 3/4W hopes you enjoyed looking at our blog. Camp sure was fun! My favorite thing was the giant swing. It was exciting and fun. The penguins were REALLY cute but we couldn’t see a lot of them. Please come and look at are blog again 🙂
      From Lucas

  2. Hi this is Isadora and Isabelle,
    We are about to go on camp,what is it like at camp?
    When we go on camp we are going to Angahook.
    What is it like to spend a few days without your parents looking after you? How many days did you go for? Did anyone get hurt?

    From:Isadora and Isabelle:)

  3. Hi we are Flossie and Olivia we are going on camp we are excited.
    On your camp did you like everything? We are doing archery as well how fun is it? Did you have fun on camp? What was your favorite thing? Did you like the Penguin Parade?
    Please write back.
    From Flossie and Olivia

    • Dear Flossie and Olivia,
      Archery was awesome and some of us got bull’s eye. We also liked the giant swing. When you pull the string, you get a big shock and you drop down. We also like how you could feel the air whoosh past you as you went on it. We liked going to Smith’s beach and listening to a ranger talk about beautiful treasures you can find at the beach and how plastic is a problem for the beach. We liked the penguins and they looked exactly like Sven’s penguin (he owns a stuffed fairy penguin). Some of us rated our camp 11/10.
      We hope you enjoy your camp!
      When you come back, please tell us your favourite activities.
      From 3/4W

  4. Hello, my name is Pascal I’m here to ask a few things about camp.
    What was it like on the hour long trip to Phillip Island, the sights must have been beautiful, we heard that you could see horses on the trip to Angahook, is This true? What is the flying fox like? And on a scale of one to ten, how good was it. I’m definitely looking forward to camp.
    From Pascal

    • Dear Pascal,
      The drive was very long but very scenic. There were some really pretty mountains, we also saw some vineyards. The flying fox was terribly short but pretty fast. In a scale of 1 to 10 I would definitely give camp a 10! 🙂
      From Dhriti

  5. Hi my name is Haci and I am about to go on my first school camp. The flying Fox sounds like lots of fun. How far was it and how high did you go? What foods did you eat? Was the giant swing fun?
    From Haci

  6. Dear 34w,
    Philip Island was very fun and we all enjoyed it. The cabins are HUMONGOUS and the food was FANTABULOUS. I wish we could go there again.
    From Max

  7. Dear 34w,
    we enjoyed camp our favourite thing was Giant swing,Archery,Flying fox and the best thing is CABIN TIME!

    From James and Luka

  8. Ms Wong,
    I noticed that on your trip, you made pancakes and ate many more delicious food. I’m from Southern California and I was wondering what various types of food you guys have in Australia.

    – icarvajal
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