Athletics day- Post by Dhriti

On the 12th of August all students from our school went to an athletics track for athletics day. We all had a great time paticipating in all the activities that are listed below –

  • 800 metres race
  • 200 metres race
  • 100 metres race
  • Relay races
  • Triple jump
  • High jump
  • Long jump
  • Shot put
  • Discus

The top two students in all activities went to district, where they competed against others schools in our district.

Which activity did you enjoy the most? If you didn’t do an activity would you have liked to participate in?  

Marine presentations- Post by Dhriti

Our integrated unit this term is called I sea I care, it is all about marine life. As part as our unit we were asked to pick a specific animal and make a presentation to share with our class, we had to include our animals habitat, what they eat, who eats them and their life span. Here are some of our presentations:

What’s your favourite marine animal and why? 

Shape – post by Georgie

This term, one of our math topics has been shape. Our focus was in symmetry, which included rotational symmetry and reflection symmetry. We did 4 different activates and they were:

  • drawing rotational and reflection shapes
  • putting pictures in grids
  • using the computer for activities
  • using pieces of cut out paper to make pictures

We also learnt about tessellation. This is when shapes are joined together with no gaps. We learnt about MC Escher, from the Netherlands, who made lots of tessellation artworks and optical illusions. So we got one piece of card that we drew then cut out to make our own tessellations. Here are some of the patterns we made:

Where have you seen tessellations in real life? Have you ever learnt about Escher? If so, what do you know about him? Have you seen symmetry in real life? If you have can you tell us?

Save the animals! I sea I care marine issues

Guess how many marine animals are endangered right now? There are approximately 2,215 endangered or threatened marine species in the world.

3/4W were sent a task by the I Sea, I care Assignment Desk (that is the 3/4 teachers) to research an issue that is a problem for the marine world. We have started making videos about these issues and came up with 92 solutions altogether to help solve these problems. Here are some of the issues we thought were important:

How might we help the ocean for animals in the daylight zone so that they don’t get hit by ships?

How might we stop global warming for the animals living on the ice so that they can still have ice to live on?

How might we get rid of pollution and rubbish in the sea for the marine animals so they don’t get extinct and die?

How might we stop dolphins/sharks/whales from getting caught in nets so they don’t become endangered?

How might we stop people from littering for the marine animals so that they don’t get sick or die?

How might we stop oil from leaking for the ocean so that animals won’t have a polluted home?

How might we stop people from over hunting for the marine animals so that there will be more animals?

How might we stop global warming for the coral so there will be no more coral bleaching?
3/4W have been trying to help solve marine problems by researching and coming up with solutions. These are some of the solutions we came up with in 10 minutes:

Use solar cars so there is less pollution

Make an alarm to scare animals away from nets

Create a law where no one is to go within 20km of harp seals and whales

Make oil evaporate like what water does

Don’t litter

Create a certain fishing area where dolphins can’t go

Don’t use nets to fish

Invent a spray to spray on ice so it doesn’t melt

Can you think of any other solutions for solving our problems? Or can you think of another important marine issue?