Save the animals! I sea I care marine issues

Guess how many marine animals are endangered right now? There are approximately 2,215 endangered or threatened marine species in the world.

3/4W were sent a task by the I Sea, I care Assignment Desk (that is the 3/4 teachers) to research an issue that is a problem for the marine world. We have started making videos about these issues and came up with 92 solutions altogether to help solve these problems. Here are some of the issues we thought were important:

How might we help the ocean for animals in the daylight zone so that they don’t get hit by ships?

How might we stop global warming for the animals living on the ice so that they can still have ice to live on?

How might we get rid of pollution and rubbish in the sea for the marine animals so they don’t get extinct and die?

How might we stop dolphins/sharks/whales from getting caught in nets so they don’t become endangered?

How might we stop people from littering for the marine animals so that they don’t get sick or die?

How might we stop oil from leaking for the ocean so that animals won’t have a polluted home?

How might we stop people from over hunting for the marine animals so that there will be more animals?

How might we stop global warming for the coral so there will be no more coral bleaching?
3/4W have been trying to help solve marine problems by researching and coming up with solutions. These are some of the solutions we came up with in 10 minutes:

Use solar cars so there is less pollution

Make an alarm to scare animals away from nets

Create a law where no one is to go within 20km of harp seals and whales

Make oil evaporate like what water does

Don’t litter

Create a certain fishing area where dolphins can’t go

Don’t use nets to fish

Invent a spray to spray on ice so it doesn’t melt

Can you think of any other solutions for solving our problems? Or can you think of another important marine issue?

8 thoughts on “Save the animals! I sea I care marine issues

  1. Dear 3/4W,
    For the solution I think we could invent a special robot that was solar powered that we put on roofs to generate our power for our whole entire house or apartment.
    From Amira

    • Hi Aditya, I have some ideas for your question.
      We would have to use our brains a lot by recycling materials and making them protective enough and long lasting as the modern materials, and we would need lots of lights and you would need to be a scientist.


  2. Dear 3/4W,
    Wow, I never realized how many animals are being harmed by what we do on land. One thing we might be able to do is make the nets able to detect what type of animal it is so then the sharks, dolphins and whales wouldn’t get caught anymore.
    From Beth

  3. Dear 34w,
    That is a lot of marine animals that are in danger and that’s sad! EVERYONE SHOULD STOP LITTERING! It is really bad for the marine animals and we will have no more left 🙁
    From Eloise

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