Marine presentations- Post by Dhriti

Our integrated unit this term is called I sea I care, it is all about marine life. As part as our unit we were asked to pick a specific animal and make a presentation to share with our class, we had to include our animals habitat, what they eat, who eats them and their life span. Here are some of our presentations:

What’s your favourite marine animal and why? 

12 thoughts on “Marine presentations- Post by Dhriti

  1. Dear Dhriti,
    Everyone’s marine presentations were really interesting. I learned a lot about Marine animals and it was a really fun. Did you like the Marine animals presentations? I really liked them!

    From Eloise

    • Dear Eloise,
      thanks for your comment. I agree, I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s marine presentations. What did you like about them? What did you learn? What is your favourite marine animal?
      From Ms Wong

      • Dear Ms Wong
        what I liked about all the marine presentations was that people put so much time into their presentations and I learnt a lot of stuff!
        From Eloise

    • Dear Eloise,
      I think the marine presentations were really interesting and I definitely learnt a lot. I really liked how everyone chose different animals and not many people did the same animals. It was also really interesting how not everyone presented the same way.
      From Dhriti 🙂

  2. Dear Jess,
    What interesting things did you learn about the puffer fish? I also learnt a lot from listening to you all presenting your projects.
    From Ms Wong

    • Dear Ms Wong,
      I learnt that Puffer fish get their deadly poison from the bacteria in the food that they eat and they puff up when something scares it with water or if needed air. Plus they have many different names.
      From Jess

  3. Dear Dhriti,
    I loved all of the marine presentations. They were all very informational and I learned a lot from them. What is your favorite marine animal? Do you have some facts about it?

    From Laura

  4. Hello 34wstudents,
    My favorite marine animal is a dusky dolphin because they look like mini killer whales. I am an eighth grader from California and for a blog challenge I wrote about food. I wanted to know what other students favorite foods are, can you guys comment your favorite food at
    -Happy Blogging,

  5. Dear 34W
    l most like blue whale, because they are the biggest animal in the world, and they look really kind and nice, I think they look like they are smiling.

    From Gillian

  6. Dear 34W,
    I really liked looking at the marine presentations in our class because I liked how some people used a life cycle and I found that really interesting.
    From James

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