Welcome to Term 4!

Welcome back to Term 4! I hope you all had a well restedย break. I went to Hobart in the first week of the holidays. Some of my highlights included:

  • Visiting Mount Wellington and playing in the snow. There is still so much snow there that some families were even tobogganing on it!
  • Going to the Cadbury visitors centre. I tried a lot of chocolate there ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Seeing the beautiful botanical gardens
  • Hearing some lovely guitar music at the Salamanca Markets
  • Eating scones whilst seeing the view from Mount Nelson

Here are some photos from my holiday:


We have a lot to look forward to this term! Some things to look forward to include:

  • Gymnastics
  • Balwyn Show Day
  • End of Year concert
  • Our new integrated unit ‘From Little Things, Big Things Grow.’

What did you enjoy most about the holidays? What are you looking forward to this term?ย 

58 thoughts on “Welcome to Term 4!

  1. Dear 3/4 W,
    I am looking forward to a lot of things throughout the term, especially the Balwyn Show Day and the transitions. What I most enjoyed on my holidays was going on my trip to Penang. I liked the whole thing!

    From Ashton

    • Dear Ashton,
      What was Penang like? Did you like something more than something else? Did you have a favourite thing you did?
      From Amira

      • Dear Amira,
        Penang was great, but I got a lot of mosquito bites, and it was extra itchy! I also went to Taiwan in the middle of my 3 week trip and I went up the tallest place in Taiwan. Taipei 101, and it has 101 levels in it. It was so high that my ears popped so hard and it felt so terrible! But the view was good.
        from Ashton

  2. Dear 34W
    The holidays were really fun and I had so much fun. Did you like the school holidays? I am looking forward to the Balwyn show day as it will be fun!

    From Eloise!

    • Dear Eloise,
      What did you like doing best on the holidays? What are you looking forward to at Balwyn Show day?
      From Ms Wong

      • Dear Ms Wong,

        I liked going to the movies and seeing Pixles in the holidays. At Balwyn Show Day I am looking forward to the rides as it will be really fun! The shops will be Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ :O :/ :]
        From Eloise

  3. Dear 34W,
    I really enjoyed going to New Zealand on my holidays, something I’m looking forward to is BALWYN SHOW DAY! I hope everyone has a great time at Balwyn Show Day and we raise lots of money.
    From Dhriti

  4. Hey 3/4W
    I enjoyed going to Japan, I went to lots of things like Disney Land, Disney sea, Osaka tower, Castle and lots of other fun things. But the best things that I went on is a Shinkansen. I am looking forward to the Balwyn show day
    From Lucas ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dear Lucas,
      What was Disney world and Disney sea like? What was your favourite activity in Japan? What is a Shinkansen? Why was it the best thing?
      From Amira

      • Dear Amira,
        A shinkansan Is like a really really REALLY fast train nearly as fast a plane. For example from Tokyo To Osaka if you go by Plane it takes 1 Hour and if you take a shinkansan it takes 2 hours.
        Disney sea is a thing only in Japan which is a bit like Disney land.
        From Lucas

    • Dear Lucas
      I have been to Japan and on the Shinkansen! I think it is quite fun. What rides did you go on at Disney world? What is Disney sea? I am looking forward to the Balwyn Show day too. What is your favorite ride?

      From Tara

  5. Dear 3/4W,
    In the school holidays, I watched Odd Ball. It was a very emotional Movie. This term I am looking forward to the Christmas Carol at Macleay Park next month. You are welcome to come and listen.
    From Sarah

  6. Dear 3/4W
    Hi, l am looking forward to our new integrated unit called “From Little Things Big Things Grow”, and l have enjoyed going to the chocolate factory and eating some yummy choclate.

    From Gillian

  7. Dear 3/4W
    l am looking forward to the end of the year concert, and l enjoyed going to Luna Park, and l like going on all the rides

    From Georgia

    • Dear Georgia,
      The 3/4s get to do a concert at Ivanhoe and it very exciting because we get to perform as 3/4 choir!
      I would like to go to Luna park. What was your favorite ride? Was it exciting? Did you get scared? I hope you had a good time.

      From Tara

  8. Dear 3/4W

    One thing I really enjoyed about my holidays was when I learnt how to cross stich.It was really fun and I nearly cross stiched a flower.

    By Sowmya

  9. Dear 34W,
    On the holidays I enjoyed going to Disney land and Hawaii. My favorite ride at Disney land was radiator springs, it was a cars ride. It was awesome!!!!!!!! I’m looking forward to the Balwyn show day. I think my favorite ride will be the ‘Zorb Balls”
    From Jess

  10. Dear 3/4W,
    This term I am looking forward to our new integrated unit from little things to big things grow because it is going to be so fun

    From Luka

  11. Dear 3/4w,
    I enjoyed going to Noosa in Queensland. I had lots of fun. I am looking forward to going to the bps showday.
    From georgie

  12. Dear 3/4W,
    I enjoyed the carnival because the sizzler and the obstacle course was so fun. I wish we had more time at the carnival!!!!!!!!:D
    From Angus

  13. Dear 3/4 W,
    Hasn’t it been a great term? I think it has. I liked Watching the Maths Mansion videos as one of the best. What has been your favorite activity?

    From Jess

  14. Dear Ms. Wong ,
    Hi I’m from San Diego Calfornia and one of our foods are hamburgers. And this weeks blog challenge is about food. What are the traditional foods of Hobart ? It would be lovely if you would visit our blogs and comment.
    From Katherine.

  15. Dear 3/4W,
    I really like that you talked about the things you liked from that place. I’m from California and I was wondering what is your favorite food from where you are.


  16. Hello Ms.Wong it seems you had a nice time there and their many different desserts.I live in California and in my class we are doing a challenge to ask people what their popular foods are in their country.So Ms.Wong,what is a popular food?
    From lbilran

  17. Dear 34w,

    I really thought The balwyn Show Day was really good I thought that the HAUNTED HOUSE was really freaky.

    From James ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :)) ๐Ÿ™

  18. Dear 3/4W,
    That chocolate thing looks so tasty! I hope we can go there this year too!!! I am waiting for that chocolate thing…..
    From Jessica

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