From Little Things, Big Things Grow – Our Integrated topic

This term our integrated unit is called ‘From Little Things, Big Things Grow’. On Monday we went to the Melbourne museum and looked at the First People’s Exhibition. These are some things that we learnt that connect with our unit:

  • Indigenous people used possum skins to make clothes and keep warm and as they got bigger they just added onto it.
  • Indigenous people eat some eucalyptus leaves
  • If you were part of the kangaroo group you ate everything except for kangaroos, and if you were part of the eel group you ate everything except eels.
  • Indigenous people had drums made of possum skin

Here are some photos from our excursion:

IMG_2625 IMG_2616 IMG_2606 IMG_2604 IMG_2603 IMG_2601 IMG_2598 IMG_2597 IMG_2596 IMG_2591 IMG_2588 IMG_2587 IMG_2585 IMG_2583

In early Term 4, we also watched part of a film called Kanyini and this is what we learnt:

  • Indigenous people got taken from their families (stolen generation)
  • Their culture is more than 40,000 years old.
  • Kanyini -this is how Indigenous people are connected to everything that is living including (land), animals, people and family.
  • Indigenous people felt like they had nothing when they were taken from their family and land (mother earth).
  • They ate different foods like lizards and insects.
  • They were always on the move (nomadic)

What else do you know about Indigenous people and culture? If you have been to the Melbourne Museum, what was your favourite thing and why?

23 thoughts on “From Little Things, Big Things Grow – Our Integrated topic

  1. Dear 3/4W,
    Whoa that is such a cool museum. It looks like it was an educational but at the same time exciting. Looks like fun. Where is this museum located?
    From S

    • Dear Shinojosa 1,
      The museum was great. It was located in the city. Are you going on a excursion soon? Are you looking at a certain topic this term?
      From Jess

        • Dear 34 W,
          I mostly enjoyed the rain forest because I liked looking at all of the animals and the insects. My favorite insect was the stick-insects, and some of my favorite animals were frogs, fish and a lobster.
          From Jess

          • Dear Jessica
            The rainforest was really fun. I liked stick insects too it was awesome that they could camouflage to hide. They blend in so well you can surely tell they are there.
            From Tara

          • Dear Jessica,
            wasn’t the rain forest awesome!? I adored the bird that loved blue things. Don’t you think that is clever that it made that nest thing? Did you know that the nest thing is actually a stage that the male dances in, to attract a female. He also picks every blue thing up from his stock. I think that the female likes blue don’t you?
            From Sarah

    • Hi Shinojosa 1,
      The museum was really cool, and I learnt a lot there, like the fact that Aboriginal people spoke a lot of different languages. The museum is located in Carlton, Melbourne.
      From Ashton.

      • Dear Ashton,
        I really enjoyed listening to how different people pronounced the same word differently or how people wrote the same name in different ways.
        Why did you like that the indigenous people spoke different languages?
        From Sarah

        • Dear Sarah,
          I think that the Aboriginals spoke different languages because it was their traditions depending on their group? I’m not really sure.

      • Dear Ashton
        I learnt about the languages too. I think it is cool that if you were in the eel group you ate every thing except eels ect. I think the aboriginals were quite smart because they didn’t waste the cloaks that they made because as soon as they grew out of their cloak they added on they didn’t throw the cloak away. The aboriginals were cared for the land they were very smart.

        From Tara

    • Dear Shinojosa1,
      As Jess said the museum was in the city. We went in the First Peoples Exhibition (A exhibit in the museum) it was really cool, we saw all different boomerangs that Aboriginals used and we saw a olden day with old toilets and old bedrooms, it also had a very old kitchen.

      From Dhriti

  2. Dear 34W
    l don’t really know much about Indigenous people, but l really enjoyed learning the facts. There were plenty of new things to see and learn about Indigenous people.
    From Gillian

  3. Dear Sarah
    That is very cool. Maybe because they spoke different languages they had different accents. I think that is a cool thing to learn.

    From Tara

  4. Dear 3/4w,
    I also know that some people who were adopted from the stolen generation were told that their skin was darker because most others bath in milk.
    From Georgie

    • Dear Mahir,
      I also liked the 3D volcano movie. I especially liked this because I learnt how the world was formed and what it was like inside a volcano. The sound effects were great!


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