Blasting through A FOREST for persuasive arguments

This term, 3/4W have been learning about persuasive writing. Guess what A FOREST is? A FOREST is a way to remember to include persuasive devices for the arguments part of your persuasive writing. See below to see what A FOREST stands for:

Alliteration: for example, homework is stressful and silly.



Rhetorical question



Three – rule of three. For example dogs are playful, cute and cuddly.

Everyone worked in groups to make a persuasive argument video that included: a linking word, the topic sentence, evidence and devices from A FOREST.

This is a video we made with arguments.

Please watch our videos. Did you like our videos? If so, why? Can you also identify which parts of A FOREST were used? 

5 thoughts on “Blasting through A FOREST for persuasive arguments

  1. Dear 34w,
    I really liked your persuasive arguments.
    The reasons are quite good and clear.
    One thing I think you could survey the school about your persuasive arguments. Keep up the great efforts!!!
    From Jessica

  2. Hi 3/4W and Ms Wong!
    You guys did a awesome job on your persuasive arguments, you did a great job using “A FOREST!” You guys will have heaps of fun learning more on persuasive writing.
    From Dhriti 🙂

    • Dear Dhriti,
      Thank you for looking at our blog and commenting. Did you notice which parts of ‘A FOREST’ we used in the videos?
      Ms Wong told us you worked well on your persuasive arguments last year. Some of us have read your persuasive arguments in the book corner and it was great!
      From 3/4W

  3. Dear 3/4 W,
    That was a great video. You used lots of persuasive devices and the video sounded awesome. Ms Wong writes really good persuasive pieces so look out or you might find yourself being persuaded to do more homework. You will have a fun time writing persuasive texts.
    From Tara

  4. Dear 3/4 W,
    Did you watch the video about This worm who talks about A FOREST? If you did lucky you because is really funny.
    From Tara

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