Super Scienceworks

This term 3/4W went on an excursion to Scienceworks located in Spotswood. Some of our highlights were:

  • Visiting the planetarium and seeing the movie where we saw the night sky and the movie Tilt. We learnt why we have seasons on earth.
  • Learning how big our earth is compared to the sun. If the sun was gym ball, the earth would be a tiny bead.
  • The Think Ahead exhibition where we learnt about the future. Some things we saw were video games that were controlled by your hands, things were controlled with your eyes, how to be eco friendly, what the past, present and future looked like.

Here are some of the future cars we designed at Think Ahead:

Thinkahead_futureTransport[5] Thinkahead_futureTransport[4]

What was your highlight at Scienceworks and why? What questions do you have about 3/4W’s highlights?

16 thoughts on “Super Scienceworks

  1. Dear 3/4W,
    We really enjoyed the movie that tells us about night sky, how the earth tilts, why we have seasons and the planets. We also enjoyed the session where we learnt how small our earth is compared to the big sun.Thank you!
    From Gillian and Lisa

    • Dear Gillian and Lisa,
      I also enjoyed learning how the seasons work, and how small the earth is compared to the sun. I didn’t know that before.
      From Cathy

  2. Dear 3/4W,
    We enjoyed playing the video game where you control it with your hands.
    From Tyler and James

  3. Dear 3/4W
    We really liked the future cars as THEY LOOK REALLY COOL!!!!!!! We also enjoyed the planetarium and learning about space.
    From Tom and Zeno

  4. Dear 3/4W,
    We enjoyed watching the planetarium because you could lean back on your seat and look up.
    From Oliver and Kevin

  5. Dear 34w
    We enjoyed the planetarium because the movie Tilt was very funny. At the start, we saw the earth rolling around the word Tilt. Then we saw how and why the seasons work.
    From Vicka, Katharine and Jessica

    • Dear Vicka, Katharine and Jessica
      I also enjoyed going to the planetarium and watching Tilt. I think it was a great movie!

      From Amy

  6. Dear 3/4w
    I really enjoyed Science works. I really liked watching the movie, I found it really funny. I also liked when we got to learn about the seasons and why it happens. I hope everyone had a fun time. From Rhiannon 🙂 🙂

    • Dear Rhiannon,
      I think most people’s favourite thing was the movie.It was my favourite thing I loved it. And it was fun to learn how seasons work.I never knew that the earth had a tilt in I it to make the seasons work.
      From Vicka

  7. Dear 3/4W
    my highlight was watching the movie of how seasons work because at first I didn’t know how seasons actually worked. What did you guys find the most fun highlight?

    From Kevin

  8. Dear 3/4W
    I really enjoyed scienceworks. My highlight was when I was playing the game where you create you and collect gems.Was there another highlight that you had?
    From Tom

    • Dear Tom,
      I really liked the same thing but I didn’t do it because it was too busy. And my group waited but still it was to busy. Well my highlight is those doors that you could see through.
      From Katharine

  9. Dear,34w
    I really enjoyed Scienceworks. My highlight was designing your own futuristic car. Mine had WINGS!!!!!!!!!! What was your highlight?
    From Zeno:)

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