Coding Post By Amy and Gillian

This term 34w has been fantasticly experiencing coding. We learnt many different ways to make different games. Thanks to Ms Wong and Miss Price 34w now feels experienced with coding and some people practise at home. If you would like to start coding go to

and join scratch today!

If you’re having trouble trying to make a game download scratchjunior on your ipad or iphone to get you started with coding.

How do you feel about coding? What do you like about it? 

One thought on “Coding Post By Amy and Gillian

  1. Dear 34w
    I really enjoyed coding this term with Ms Wong and it was a lot of fun. My favourite part was when we got to do the chatbot and to answer the question. I feel great about coding because I have learnt a new skill as I have never coded before.

    From Rhiannon

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