Magnificent multiplication Post by Bill and Nali

In 3/4w we have been learning about multiplication every week we test our multiplication skills by taking a test. We have to practice a  multiplication to be ready for the test.                                                                                                               Here are what some people are practicing:

  • 2 times tables
  • 3 times tables
  • 4 times tables
  • 5 times tables
  • 6 times tables
  • 7 times tables
  • 8 times tables
  • 9 times tables
  • 10 times tables
  • 2 extension
  • 3  extension
  • 4  extension
  • 5  extension
  • 6  extension
  • 7  extension
  • 8  extension
  • 9  extension
  • 10  extension

What is your favourite times table and why? 

9 thoughts on “Magnificent multiplication Post by Bill and Nali

  1. Dear 3/4W,
    Great post Nali and Bill! My favourite times table is the 9 times table because there is a really cool trick you can learn with it too!
    Where might you see or use times tables in real life?
    From Ms Wong

    • Dear Ms Wong,
      Thank you for replying to my blog post.Some situations where you might need times tables are things like when you are at the shops and you might need to get some apples and you have five people in your family and they each eat want two apples to eat and you need to work out how many you should buy.

      From Nali

    • Dear Kevin,
      Thanks for replying to my post. The 9 times table is my favourite time table because you can do a trick on your fingers. Why is 4 your lucky number?
      From Nali

  2. Dear Bill and Nali,
    My favourite timetable is the 7’s extension (I haven’t even done it yet) because I like taking challenges. I think it will be hard to complete, as the 7’s time table is the trickiest one. I also like the 9’s times table, I know a magic trick with it.
    From Jessica

  3. Dear Nali and Bill,
    My favourite times tables is 6’s because I play a lot of Aussie rules and all goals are 6 points. That helps me calculate my 6’s.
    From Tom

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