Terra Transformations

This term 3/4W has had their integrated unit as Terra Transformations. We all did a project, we could choose from a poster,  booklet,  power point presentation or video.  It was very fun presenting our projects to the class. Some people’s presentations were amazing,  incredible and educational. Here are some of our projects:

What natural disaster do you like the most and why? Look at one of our presentations and please give us a feedback (a compliment and a suggestion).

10 thoughts on “Terra Transformations

    • Dear Zeno,
      I also liked presenting the presentations because it was very fun to do
      Why did you like presenting?
      From Matea.

  1. Dear 3/4W,
    My favourite natural disasters are landslides and earthquakes because they are very interesting when an earthquake happens it is caused by tectonic plates which are very interesting and landslides are caused by unstable land which I like investigating how land gets unstable
    From Matea

  2. Dear 34w,
    I like all of the natural disasters because they are fun to learn about, but my favourite is an avalanche because it is interesting about how avalanches can really injure people.Here is some feedback for James’s presentation: The compliment is that James explained the things well. The suggestion is that he can maybe he can explain the things a bit more. For example, he can explain what health issues there might be.
    I think that we all did well, and we can all improve.
    From Jessica

    • Dear Jessica,
      I think everyone can improve in their projects as well as they all worked hard. I enjoyed doing my project about floods, it was super fun!
      From Dou Dou

      • Dear Doudou
        I agree I think everyone can improve in there projects but everyone did an awesome job. I really enjoyed doing my cyclone diorama .

        From Rhiannon

  3. Dear 34w,
    My favourite natural disaster is tornadoes because I think it’s fascinating how it just sucks up heavy stuff such as cars and trucks.
    From Andrew

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