Welcome to Term 3!

Welcome to Term 3! We have so many exciting activities planned for this term including:

  • Woodwork incursion
  • 3/4 camp
  • Stomp
  • Coding sessions
  • Science incursion

In the holidays, I went to Alice Springs and visited Uluru, the Olgas and King’s Canyon. The weather was lovely, sunny in the daytime but rather chilly at night! My highlight would have to be King’s Canyon and hiking in the dark to see the sunrise. At first it was so dark climbing up to the top that it was difficult to see, but the sun slowly peeked its head and lit up the entire canyon. It was spectacular.

What are you looking forward to this term and why? What were some of your holiday highlights?

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  1. Dear 34w,
    I am looking forward to camp because you can do a lot of activities. My highlight of the holiday is going to fishing.
    From Bill

  2. Dear 3/4W,
    My highlight on the holidays was going to Mt Baw Baw. We made a really cute snowman and went tobogganing down the mountain. I am looking forward to camp because we will get to do lots of fun activities. I am also excited about the science incursion, I wonder what it’s about!
    From Jessica

    • Dear Jessica,
      Going to Mt Baw Baw sounds like so much fun! I haven’t been to the snow in a long time. Was that the first time you went to the snow?
      From Ms Wong

  3. Dear 34w,
    I am looking forward too camp because I couldn’t go last year because I was sick and my holiday highlight was when a friend came for a sleepover because it was very fun to play with him and we were looking after a dog during his visit
    From Matea.

  4. Dear 34W
    I am looking forward to many things in term 3. Some of the things I am looking forward to are athletics day and 34W camp. I am excited about athletics day because I enjoy sport and I can try new sports like triple jump. I am also looking forward to 34w camp because I like going to places where there is nature because I can explore.
    From Nali

    • Dear Nali,
      I can’t wait for camp as well because I like nature around me. It feels so fresh and natural
      From Dou Dou

  5. Dear 3/4W,
    I am looking forward to camp. I am looking forward to camp because I enjoy doing archery and my sister, Cindy, says camp is really fun. During the holidays I did ice skating, skiing, roller skating and roller blading. During the holidays I visited the 3D printer. It took about an hour to make a 3D model. It was especially made for replacing body parts for people who had lost them. My holiday was really fun! How was yours?
    From Amy

    • Dear Amy,
      I am glad you are looking forward to camp – I am too! Wow, your holidays sounded like you were very busy but had lots of fun! What 3D model did you make?
      I enjoyed my holidays too Amy – I went to Uluru and it was amazing 🙂
      From Ms Wong

      • Dear Ms Wong,
        I printed a dinosaur. I was really happy that I visited it. I also liked the artwork and I got to see paintings of Jesus on the cross.
        From Amy

  6. Dear 34w,
    I am really looking forward to camp, because I had a fantastic time at camp last year. My highlight in the holiday was visiting the incredible National Gallery with the famous artists Degas. His work was amazing, I especially liked the picture when his dad was playing violin, the violin was realistic. And l loved the statue he did when his eldest daughter danced.I love the National Gallery, I am so going to visit it again!!!!!!
    From Gillian

    • Dear Gillian,
      I have also visited the national gallery as well it is soo awesome and it was a lot of fun I saw a couple of Egypt sculptures. I really want to go back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      From Rhiannon

  7. Dear 3/4W
    I’m looking forward to camp because I have never slept in the outdoors eg away from my family. One of my highlights is going to Science Works, I had played in the maze that’s were you get timed and who ever had the least time by going in and out of the maze gets to go on the leaderboard. I had also went to Mt Buller which was the snow mountain in Australia. I had skied for almost ever at the skiing lessons cabin until I got my skiing license. After getting my skiing license I headed back inside the village.
    From Kevin

    • Dear Kevin,
      I’ve been to Mt. Buller several times. I enjoy skiing and I go to the professional child skiing lesson. I am learning how to ski on one skii. I think it’s really hard. It sounds like you had a good time.
      From Amy

  8. Dear 3/4w,
    I am looking forward to camp in term 3 and many more things because I have never went on camp before. I am very sure I am going to enjoy the activities that have been planned for us. Some of the highlights on my holiday are getting presents and lots of them from China and buying soooooooo much dazzling yarn and hooks and it was great!!!!
    From Katharine

    • Dear Katharine,
      That’s great you are looking forward to camp! I am too! And great to hear you have been busy with knitting over the holidays.
      From Ms Wong

  9. Dear 3/4w
    I am looking forward into camp this term because I’ve never experienced camp before. I am also looking forward to doing more coding with Ms Wong and Mrs Price. Some of my holiday highlights were…. I went to a place in the city and we went to see lots of Lego. There was table where we got to build a tower. I hope you all had a great break.

    From Rhiannon:)

    • Dear Rhiannon,
      yes I am sure camp will be lots of fun! It sounds like you had a great time in your holidays. What did you make with lego?
      From Ms Wong

  10. Dear 34W,
    I really enjoyed woodwork because I got to saw and hammer and Jonathan was also really nice I hope you enjoyed wood work as well
    From Zeno

  11. Dear 3/4W,
    I am very excited for camp,I’ve never actually spent a whole day so close to nature. I love nature, I’m doing everything I can to save nature. I’m also excited for this event because there are so much amazing activities to do in camp! Lots of people have said spectacular things about camp so I am unbelievably excited for camp.
    From William

    • Dear William,
      I also love nature and doing walks. I am glad you are looking forward to camp – I am sure you will have a good time.
      From Ms Wong

    • Dear William,
      First we spend half a day at camp, then we have a whole day. Next, we have half of a day at camp again. Half and half equals a whole day, so technically it’s two days.
      From Andrew

  12. Dear 3/4W,
    I am looking forward to 3/4 camp because I have been at camp before at my old school to Milson Island in Sydney, so I am looking forward what is like in 3/4 camp this term.
    Some of my highlights when I am in China in the school holidays are meeting with my families and friends and my favourite highlight when I was in China was having dinner with my classmates and some other parents and children. I was quite happy when I saw one of my best friends, her name is Annika. We also went to catch some toys in a toy machine and we caught a lot of toys. That was my best time in China.
    From Cathy

    • Dear Cathy,
      I am glad you are looking forward to camp! I am looking forward to camp too! It sounds like you had a great time in China!
      From Ms Wong

  13. Dear 3/4W
    I am looking forward to camp because I have only gone camping for 4 days so I’m looking forward to going camping for 3 days. And I’m looking forward to be sleeping out side or not in cabins. I am also looking forward to eating the food and the fun inside or outside games.
    From Tyler

    • Dear Vicka,
      I think you mean we are going to camp for 3 days and 2 nights we have already been to camp by now so you should know now.But I loved camp it was so cool !❤️
      From Katharine

  14. Dear 34W,
    I had lots of fun at camp and I hope everyone else had lots of fun too. My favourite activity was the flying fox because of the walk and the beautiful view when you where on the flying fox. Please tell me what your favourite activity was and why.
    From Tyler

  15. Dear 3/4w
    I had a wonderful time at camp I hope next time we will see Ms Wong I hope everyone enjoyed camp it was a amazing experience!
    From Katharine

  16. Dear Ms Wong and 3/4w
    I think we should make a blog post about our camp this term. We could help you put things down on the blog.
    From Rhiannon
    P.S it’s just a suggestion:):):):):):):)

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