Let’s Have a Ball! Post by 3/4W

This term the integrated unit for 3/4s is ‘Let’s have a ball’. This week we put on blindfolds and had to identify balls. We had to feel the balls and describe the texture and how they felt. The balls we investigated were: basketballs, soccer balls, downballs, tennis balls, golf balls, footballs and stress balls. Some similarities and differences we found were:

  • Lots of balls had bumps
  •  Some were soft and some were hard
  • Some could bounce
  • Some were smooth
  • Some were shaped differently

Some of the differences were because:

  • The footy was shaped like an oval or diamond-like as you need to have better grip when you pass or kick it.
  • Lots of balls had bumps because in a lot of sports you need grip to shoot, pass or kick.
  • Downballs are smooth because you don’t really need grip when you play the game and it makes it bounce higher.

Can you name your favourite ball and describe why it is that way?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Ball! Post by 3/4W

  1. Dear 34w
    my favourite balls are tennis ball and downball its because I like playing downball and cricket and they are shaped the same way but not the same material because the material is wood and rubber.
    From Eshan

  2. Dear 34w,
    I like downball and football, they are sphere and smooth both. Football is bigger than downball and its colours are most black and white, but downball’s colours are difference. And they are both made of leather.I like downball more because I always play it with my friends.
    From Leo

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