Ready, Set, Go for Term 4!

Dear 3/4W,

I hope you had a wonderful break! I had a very enjoyable break – I went to the Blue Mountains in Katoomba (a two hour train ride from Sydney). I went on a couple of hikes and visited some amazing sites including ‘The Three Sisters’ ‘Ruined Castle’ and the Jenolan caves. Here are some photos from my trip:

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We have some great things to look forward to this term including our unit called ‘Looking back – Looking forward’, Dance Drama, probability and measurement in maths and how to use precise words and phrases in writing.

What was your holiday highlight? What are you looking forward to this term?Β 

22 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go for Term 4!

  1. Dear 3/4W,

    I went to China in the holiday, I live in Zhe Jiang where is the South-East part of the Whole China. There was very beautiful. And After I came back, I went to hardrock climbing in the Melbourne city, my level was 11 now! I am looking forward to Term 4, because I think it’s interesting!

    From Leo

  2. Dear 34w
    I am looking forward to dance drama. Also in the holidays me and George had a BBQ at my house and it was lots of fun.
    From Anson

  3. Dear 3/4W,
    My holiday highlight was going to Disneyland because you can do a lot of things. I am looking forward to maths this term.
    From Bill

  4. Hello 3/4W,
    I went to Nunawading shopping center two times in my holidays, I went to D.F.O in Docklands, and I went to my friend’s house so when we were playing downball the ball went in an other house then we went to take the ball then Mahir told me that that was William’s house and there ends my holiday. And whats your holiday like? I am looking foword for dance drama and to read new books in our reading groups and to play in the new top flats.
    From Eshan

  5. Dear 3/4W,
    My holiday highlight was when my cousins came over to my place and we went to Bounce and we also went rock climbing in the city and then we ate delicious dumplings. I am looking forward to dance drama because it will be very fun to act.
    Kind regards Matea.

  6. Dear 34W
    my favourite thing in the holiday was skiing because I enjoy being in the snow and being able to rush down the mountain. In term 4 i am looking forward to learning about explorers because i am interested in what they did and why they did it.
    From Nali

  7. Dear 34w,
    My highlight was going to ‘Adanac'(this is the name of the place we were staying) in Yarra Junction for our church camp. It was very far away, about a 1 hour and 20 minute drive from here and we stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. The food was very tasty and some things we ate were:
    Chicken Parma
    Chocolate Mousse
    Cup noodles( these were sooooo good but my mum bought them seprately)
    Jam and butter on toast
    We also got lime cordial
    There was a trampoline which was very bouncy. I jumped on it many times and once I fell off. My dad was running the children’s program and we watched ‘chicken run’ but we did not finish it. Chicken run was quite silly. One activity was making a team flag (we had 4 teams) At the end, we got food prizes like burger rings, pringles and cheese and bacon balls.
    From Jessica

  8. Dear 34W,
    During the holidays I did a lot of things. Here is a summary of what I did. On the first week of the holiday, I participated in a chinese school holiday program for 5 days of the week. We made many interesting things but my favourite activity was making the chinese dragonfly. On Saturday, I went to the Melbourne Show. I went onto many rides but my favourite ride was the ride that went upside down! On Sunday, I had a big rest and cleaned the whole house! The second week of the school holiday, I had another holiday program learning latin. Im excited for dance drama.

  9. Dear 34W,
    During my holidays I went to China, Nanjing, l had a great time and went to a place called Wondercity, it’s a gigantic mall with all sorts of stuff, I always love going there, and now the mall is decorated all sorts of emojis!!!!!
    And of course, I am very looking forward to Dance drama, also our intergrated unit “Looking back, Looking forward” it sounds very interesting, but I can just say I love all the activities that we will do in this term. πŸ™‚
    From Gillian

  10. Dear 3/4W,
    I had a sleepover with Amy from 3/4C. We had fun making our own breakfast and we got $1 for cleaning up the kitchen. I’m forward to dance drama because it’s really fun doing drama.
    From Dou dou

  11. Dear 34W,
    my highlight on the holidays was going to Rutherglen. It was really fun I saw friends of my dads like Nick. And we saw Nick’s partner, Line she is from Thailand. We went over for dinner I helped her cook Thai food it was so good. We stayed at a wonderful hotel. Every morning we went to have breakfast at a place at where we were staying which was part of the hotel. A fact for you, the rooms used to be offices but they turned them into hotel rooms.
    From Vicka

  12. Dear 3/4W,
    my highlight on the school holidays are probably when the next door neighbour’s cat came over the fence and was in the backyard and Spike my dog ran out the doggy door and chased the cat back an forth and that was really funny and than Spike saw a magpie and started chasing that and more magpies came and Spike had the time of his life that day and I could not stop laughing that day.
    From Tyler

  13. Dear 3/4w
    I really enjoyed my holidays. My highlite was probably going to the cinemas and watching a movie called Kubo and the two strings. I am looking forward to trying to get my pen licence this term and doing our dance drama performences.
    From Rhiannon.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. Dear 3/4W
    My holiday was filled of fun and excitement but first I would like to talk about the term ahead. I think the new and improved term 4 I am looking foward to lots of things like the integrated unit and hopefully some new students! Secondly my holiday in Lake Tahoe we had lots of fun activities such as a ropes corse in incline village, lots of mountain bike riding and stand up paddle boarding.
    Sincerely, Zeno

  15. Dear 3/4W,
    on the holidays I went to the royal Melbourne show and I went in the haunted horror my cousin cried in it so we needed to take the emergency exit and I got the warhead show bag it is really sour. And I got drenched on a water ride
    From James

    • Dear James,
      I also went to the melbourne show. I also went to the haunted horror. My sister was too scared so she waited outside at the exit. I got a fizzers showbag.
      From Amy.

  16. Dear, 3/4W
    In the term 3 holidays my highlight is definitely going to be about my NZ friend who still lives in NZ Rex, visit me. It’s just so special to have a friend visit you.

  17. Dear 3/4W,
    Hope you haved a great holiday, I went back to China to shuan de. It was great to see my families again! I also went to Macao in China, it was fun, we stayed there for one night and two days. I also went to a hotel called ‘Swan Lake Hotel’, my dad work there as well, it was great.

    I also went to see my grandparents, my cousins and my classmate in China. The best of all, we have a big party outside for our return and my dad’s birthday, we invited all of my dad’s family members, we haved a terrific night!

    The holiday was fun, but time passed quickly, I hope you haved a great time, I’m looking forwards to dance drama.
    From Cathy

  18. Dear 3/4W,
    My holiday highlight is when my cousins came over to my house to live for 4 days. We played lots of games and did a lot of fun things.
    From Jason

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