Welcome to Term 4!

Hi there 3/4W,

Welcome back to a very exciting term! There are so many activities planned this term including:

  • Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony
  • Transition
  • Show day
  • Stomp
  • Years 3-6 Concert

Over the holidays I went to Beijing, China. I visited Tiananmen Square, some Hu Tongs (old laneways) and Tsinghua University. I had a great time visiting my cousin and uncle.

What are you looking forward to this term? What was a holiday highlight?


38 thoughts on “Welcome to Term 4!

  1. Dear 3/4 W,
    On the holiday, I went to Mount Gambier, Adelaide, Sea Lake, and Mornington Peninsula.
    My mum drove to Mount Gambier, we slept 1 night and drove to Adelaide. It is about 1000 km!
    From Ronald

  2. Dear 3/4W,
    Im not really sure about what we are going to do this term. On the holidays I had a playdate with Nicholas and on the playdate I had dinner.

    from luke

  3. Dear 3/4 W,
    I moved houses and it was really busy moving houses. I also went to watch a movie called: The Lego Ninjago Movie. It was fun I had a very good sleep, I hope to have another holiday.
    From Kwong kwong

  4. Dear 34W
    I enjoyed the emoji movie and going to my grandfather’s house and finding the 3 cats.
    I am looking forward to show day because there are going to be fun rides and floating ball in the water.
    From Sophie 🙂

  5. Dear 34W
    On the holiadays I enjoyed going to Sydney sea animals at the zoo. I saw sea turtles and a big starfish. I am looking forward to show day because we get to play with our friends and go on the jumping castle.
    From Shauna 🙂

  6. Dear3/4W,
    This term I am looking forward to show day because we can do lot of fun activities .
    On the holidays I went to the Philip island to watch penguin with my family.
    From Lynde

    • Dear Lynde,
      yes, I am sure show day will be a lot of fun! That’s great you went to Philip Island again – you must be an expert of that place now!
      From Ms Wong

  7. Dear 34W
    I am looking forward to the Chrismas party because you get to eat a lot of food and you can pop Chrismas banners. On the holidays I had a sleep over with my cousin and my friends.
    From Quan 😛

  8. Dear 34 W,
    I am looking forward to learn english with more adjectives that make my writing more inetresting and improve my vocabulary when reading and writing.
    And I want to learn a bit more for coding, on python and start to code out games.

    From William.

  9. Dear 3/4w,

    I am going to tell you about my hoilday in Gold Coast. So me and my family went to Gold Coast, we went on a lot of rides like: roller coasters, hyper coasters and a lot more. Me and my family went to some worlds like movie world, wet n wild, Paradise country and a lot more.

    From Akshaya 🙂

  10. Dear 3/4W,
    I had a awsome holiday. I had 2 playdates with my friend and went to Mornington Peninsula. It was a blast!
    from Nicholas

  11. Dear3/4W
    the things I like about school are art, PE, maths and reading groups. Also I like my class because we learn new information every day.
    from raphael

  12. Dear 3/4W,
    I went to Magenta shores in sydney. There is a resort with a pup and there is a lagoon pool which is really fun to swim in. There is a beach that has many pretty shels. We can’t swim at the beach in Magenta shores because the waves are too big and it is very dangerous and there are no life guards to supervise people. We went to Soldiers beach which is not in Magenta shores. Soldiers beach has big waves but there were life guards and the waves were not as strong the other beach. There was a little current but is wasn’t very strong. I had to swim between the red and yellow flags where life guards were supervising people for safety. Me and Sasha (my sister) made a really tall sand castle. We also made our own flag out of grass we found on the sand mountains above our heads. My mum found a shell which we put on top of the sand castle with the flag. At the beach there weren’t many shells. Anyway lets start talking about what I am excited for term 4. I am really excited to do Transition because I get act like I am a grade 5. I am also excited to find out my 5/6 class for next year.
    From Vicka 🙂

  13. Dear 3/4W,
    I had a BLAST at Cuboree, it was a 5 day camp at Giwell Park and we got really muddy on Tuesday because we had to go on a mud course, one cub from our pack found a leech on his shoe! My favorite bits were having a nice, clean shower after the muddy activity and going to the Puffing Billy! Before Cuboree, my mum and I went to Luna Park. We didn’t get to go on the roller coaster which was sad 🙁
    From Doudou

  14. Dear 3/4W,
    I hope you had a great holiday and are having a great time in term 4. One of my highlights is going to my friend Sevin’s house for a sleep over!

    From Wonlee!!! 😀

  15. Dear 3/4W,
    On the holidays I went to the Swimming pool with Ayla and my favourite part was going on the water slide 7 times in a row. After that we ate lunch and we bought a silly moustache and glasses.

    From Shari

  16. Dear 3/4W,
    On the holidays we went to the royal melbourne show. Our favourite ride was called flying chair where it spins you around high in the air and tilts you to the side. The scariest ride we went on was the Haunted House (Hollywood Horrors) where at the end a guy chased us!!!
    From Ayla and Shari 😛

  17. Dear 3/4w
    I really want to learn more about the ocean because it is really interesting and I really want to help save marine animals. I went to Taiyo’s birthday and it was really fun.
    From Yianni 😛

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