Shape – post by Georgie

This term, one of our math topics has been shape. Our focus was in symmetry, which included rotational symmetry and reflection symmetry. We did 4 different activates and they were:

  • drawing rotational and reflection shapes
  • putting pictures in grids
  • using the computer for activities
  • using pieces of cut out paper to make pictures

We also learnt about tessellation. This is when shapes are joined together with no gaps. We learnt about MC Escher, from the Netherlands, who made lots of tessellation artworks and optical illusions. So we got one piece of card that we drew then cut out to make our own tessellations. Here are some of the patterns we made:

Where have you seen tessellations in real life? Have you ever learnt about Escher? If so, what do you know about him? Have you seen symmetry in real life? If you have can you tell us?

Music- post by Lucas

In Music we have been learning how to play the drums,look at some interesting apps on the ipad and learn some new songs on the piano and on the guitar, but the best part is we’re going to play EVERY BODY DANCE NOW!!! 3/4W has put in alot  of  effort into that song and we wish to play to BPS one day. Just remember this “you can do anything if you put your minds into it” [made by Lucas]

Do you play an instrument? What do you like about it? What do you like about music?

Cross Country – Post by Dhriti

In the past term, 3-6 students from our school all competed in a running race known as Cross Country. We all went to the local park for this event and had to run twice around the oval.

The races were according to age groups and gender. From those races the top ten students would get to compete in the next level known as District where they would have to compete against other schools in our District. We all had a wonderful time and tried our best even though some of us didn’t make it.

Have you ever competed in a running race, if you have could you please tell us something about it ?

Year 3/4 Maths Challenge – Post by Lucas

This term some year 3/4s did the maths challenge and it was a lot of fun! We had three weeks to do the problems and we got this little booklet where all the problems were. We could either work by ourselves or with a group up to 3 people. The problems included shapes, turning around 180 degrees, times table, drawing tables and lots more maths thing. We had to work it out in our maths book. When the 3/4s finished, we handed our maths book in and waited for the results. We had lots of fun.

Remember you can do anything if you put you mind into it [made by Lucas]

What is your favourite topic in maths and why? 

Interesting Sentences By 3/4W! Post by – Dhriti and Georgie

For the past few weeks 3/4W students have been editing boring sentences to make them into interesting sentences. We learnt a lot of different ways to make our sentences interesting. We started off by brainstorming some interesting words, nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then we looked at a picture and decided which words are adjectives, nouns and verbs that are appropriate to the picture. Afterwards  we put them into sentences using conjunctions and interesting words to extend the sentence and make them much more exciting.

Here are some examples:

Pick a sentence someone wrote. What did you like about it and why? Can you please write us a boring sentence and turn it into an interesting sentence?