Scripts and plays – Guest Post by Miss Ngyugen

For Reading this term, 3/4 W, we have been learning to identify the features of scripts, and the purpose of those features. In the text that we have been reading as a class, the script writers informs the reader that they are to create sound effects at various points, and 3/4 W certainly delivered.

We have also been looking at scripts in our Reading groups, where students were reading the roles of the characters in the text.

What are the features found in scripts? What have enjoyed about reading scripts so far?

Descriptive Writing

This term, 3/4W has been focusing on creating descriptive writing pieces. We have worked hard to upgrade our vocabulary, include similes and metaphors to create a picture in our reader’s head. As a class, we have eaten an Oreo and then written about this experience and we have also ‘visited’ a rain forest!

Here is an image

What have you learnt about descriptive writing? Can you write a descriptive sentence based on the image above? 

Blasting through A FOREST for persuasive arguments

This term, 3/4W have been learning about persuasive writing. Guess what A FOREST is? A FOREST is a way to remember to include persuasive devices for the arguments part of your persuasive writing. See below to see what A FOREST stands for:

Alliteration: for example, homework is stressful and silly.



Rhetorical question



Three – rule of three. For example dogs are playful, cute and cuddly.

Everyone worked in groups to make a persuasive argument video that included: a linking word, the topic sentence, evidence and devices from A FOREST.

This is a video we made with arguments.

Please watch our videos. Did you like our videos? If so, why? Can you also identify which parts of A FOREST were used? 

Interesting Sentences By 3/4W! Post by – Dhriti and Georgie

For the past few weeks 3/4W students have been editing boring sentences to make them into interesting sentences. We learnt a lot of different ways to make our sentences interesting. We started off by brainstorming some interesting words, nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then we looked at a picture and decided which words are adjectives, nouns and verbs that are appropriate to the picture. Afterwards  we put them into sentences using conjunctions and interesting words to extend the sentence and make them much more exciting.

Here are some examples:

Pick a sentence someone wrote. What did you like about it and why? Can you please write us a boring sentence and turn it into an interesting sentence?

Orientation by 3/4W – Post by Dhriti, Georgie and Max

In 3/4W, we have been learning to write orientations for fairy tales. Here’s one of our class orientations. Try and guess what fairy tale this is from!

Once upon a time in a far, far away land before telephones were invented there was a dilapidated house with crumbling bricks, rusty pipes and sticks for a roof. Surrounding this humble house, there was a dark and gloomy forest where the grass never grew. There lived a happy maiden with her elderly father. They lived a happy life until her father had to marry another disturbed woman who had two hideous daughters who looked like a cross between a frog and a pig. After the father tragically fell ill and died, Ella’s life became miserable and putrid. The stepmother and stepsisters treated Ella like a dirty mop, someone who was worth less than nothing.

What else do you know about orientations? Please write us a orientation with who, where, why, when and a hook?