How to be a good friend

In 3/4W, we just read a book called ‘Never lonely again’ and spoke about what makes a good friend.

This is what we thought about what makes a good friend:

  • Be kind to people and not shout. Use kind voices and tones.
  • If someone is lonely, you can try to be their friend or be friendly towards them.
  • When they have made good choices, you should say ‘good job’ or encourage them.
  • Share things with your friends.
  • Say nice things to people and maybe say ‘I can be your friend’.
  • Remind your friends or people kindly about making the right choices. Don’t encourage inappropriate choices or pay attention to not so good choices.
  • Be confident to say ‘stop’ to things that are unkind or hurtful to people. If they don’t stop, use persistence to keep trying or tell a teacher.

Do you think there is anything we could add to the list? If so, please include it in the comments. How have you been a good friend? 

Monster, Mouse and Me thinking

In 3/4W, we have been learning about monster, mouse and me thinking. We looked at different conflict scenarios where we pretended to respond like a monster, a mouse and me. Some of the scenarios we looked at were:

  • Someone said you kicked their book but you didn’t.
  • Someone pushed in front of you during lining up.
  • Someone said ‘You are not my best friend but ____ is’.

We acted out these scenarios as a monster, a mouse and me. We then worked in groups to come up with different things a monster, a mouse and me would react. These are some of our ideas:

When I think like a monster I think:



Go away



When I think like a mouse I think:





When I think like me I think:

Don’t say that again, please.You hurt my feelings please don’t do that again

That’s not nice and I’m sure you wouldn’t like it either



Do you have any suggestions for how you would react for ‘me thinking’?