Shape – post by Georgie

This term, one of our math topics has been shape. Our focus was in symmetry, which included rotational symmetry and reflection symmetry. We did 4 different activates and they were:

  • drawing rotational and reflection shapes
  • putting pictures in grids
  • using the computer for activities
  • using pieces of cut out paper to make pictures

We also learnt about tessellation. This is when shapes are joined together with no gaps. We learnt about MC Escher, from the Netherlands, who made lots of tessellation artworks and optical illusions. So we got one piece of card that we drew then cut out to make our own tessellations. Here are some of the patterns we made:

Where have you seen tessellations in real life? Have you ever learnt about Escher? If so, what do you know about him? Have you seen symmetry in real life? If you have can you tell us?