How to be a good friend

In 3/4W, we just read a book called ‘Never lonely again’ and spoke about what makes a good friend.

This is what we thought about what makes a good friend:

  • Be kind to people and not shout. Use kind voices and tones.
  • If someone is lonely, you can try to be their friend or be friendly towards them.
  • When they have made good choices, you should say ‘good job’ or encourage them.
  • Share things with your friends.
  • Say nice things to people and maybe say ‘I can be your friend’.
  • Remind your friends or people kindly about making the right choices. Don’t encourage inappropriate choices or pay attention to not so good choices.
  • Be confident to say ‘stop’ to things that are unkind or hurtful to people. If they don’t stop, use persistence to keep trying or tell a teacher.

Do you think there is anything we could add to the list? If so, please include it in the comments. How have you been a good friend?